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Cushion Replacements

Conservatory & Garden Furniture Cushion Replacements

Daro products are made to be durable, we trust that your cushions have lasted for a long time. However, there will come a time when you will need to replace your cushions due to wear and tear or for a decor update.

Our cushions replacement service is at the heart of what we do. With over 45 years of expertise in soft furnishings manufacturing at our site in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, our dedicated team can transform your favourite fabrics into replacement cushions for your beloved Daro suite. 

Our most popular cushion replacements

Conservatory Cushion Replacement – Style 14

Conservatory Cushion Replacement – Style 14


Conservatory and outdoor furniture cushion replacement service

The Daro cushion replacement service will help you to order and purchase replacement cushions through your local stockist. If you require assistance in identifying your suite please fill in this form.

How to Use:

Simply enter your contact details and attach up to 3 images of your suite.

Useful images that help us identify your suite quicker:

  • Photo of the whole suite including the frame
  • Photo of the whole cushion pattern/style
  • Photo of any labels
  • (Daro labels are normally found on the back of the base cushions and will show the date of manufacture, cushion style and which fabric code)

Once we have received your images a customer service advisor will respond to your email with the name of your suite and advise you of your nearest local stockist.

Our Advice 

Under 5 Years – Cushion covers only or full cushion replacement

5-10 Years – Whole cushion replacement recommended.

10 Years + Whole cushion available only. Covers only not available.

If you have any further questions or know the name of your suite already please email [email protected] with your full name, address, and contact details.

Our Cushions

Base Foams

All of our back cushions are manufactured using a corovin case containing hollow fibre for softness and to allow them to be shaped and tapered to the design of the frame. As the cushions are being leant against, we feel that a firm back cushion would not be as comfortable.  

Back Cushions

All of our indoor cushions are manufactured using a firm density foam that keeps its shape after lots of use. All of our base cushions are fully reversible and manufactured using a Dacron stockinette to help the cushions slip into the covers easily. The Dacron stockinette softens the “boxy” feel of the square cut cushion foam  

Dining Pads

All of our dining pads are manufactured in the same way as our base cushions using a firm density foam at a reduced thickness. All of our base cushions are fully reversible and manufactured using a Dacron stockinette to help the cushions slip into the covers easily. The Dacron stockinette softens the “boxy” feel of the square cut cushion foam. 

Scatter Cushions

All of our indoor scatter cushions are available in a corovin case filled with hollow fibre and covered in a cushion case in a variety of prints and/or fabrics. Our scatter cushions come in a range of sizes and can have a piped or un piped trim. 

FAQs – Cushion Replacements

Can you make cushion replacements for non-Daro suites?

Unfortunately, not. We only supply cushion replacements for Daro frames only as we have the correct patterns and templates for these cushion styles.  Some cushion styles are similar to our cushions and we would recommend that you measure or take your existing cushion to your local Daro stockist to check fitting and dimensions. 

How do I identify which Daro suite I have?

There are a few ways of identifying which suite you may have.  

You can unzip the base cover and look for the style code on the label on the inside of the cushion cover. Or use our handy new tool to select which frame you may have.

What are the benefits of foam cushions?

We use square cut foam for all of our base cushions which is great for maintaining its shape without the need to be plumped, these cushions are very durable and offer firmness making them ideal for chairs and sofas.

Which items are you able to provide cushion replacements for?

Chairs, Sofas, Footstools, Dining Pads, Swivel Rockers, Dining Benches and Sunloungers  – Daro frames only. 

How long will it take for my cushions to be made?

On average it will take between 2 – 4 weeks to make and despatch your cushions. This will vary depending on your stockist location and delivery schedules.  Once you place your order with your chosen stockist we shall process it immediately and advise the stockist of a delivery date. The stockist will keep in touch with the progress of the order until it is delivered.  

Can you make cushions if I provide my measurements?

Unfortunately not. We would advise that this can sometimes be problematic as cushions have a bespoke template to the frame they sit in.  This is also the reason we only manufacture cushion replacements for Daro frames only.

I do not think I need new foams – can you manufacture cushion covers only?

Our advice would be:  

1-5 Years – Cushion covers only or full cushion replacement.  

5-10 Years – Whole cushion replacement recommended. 

10 Years + Whole cushion available only. Covers only not available. 

What cushion styles and trimmings do you offer?

All of our base cushions are made using a square firm density foam and our back cushions are made using hollowfibre cushioning. All our cushions are reversible and can be manufactured with a piped trim or un piped trim. All cushions are made specifically for each Daro frame/range.  

We offer an extensive scatter cushions portfolio to coordinate with your chosen furniture fabric. For more info, view our collections here.

    I like my cushions to be quite firm – can I decide the density of the foam I have?

    All of our base cushions are manufactured using a firm density square cut foam. Our back cushions are slightly softer hollow fibre cushions.  

    How do I place an order?

    Once you have identified your suite and chose your fabric you need to place your order with your nearest local stockist who will place your order for you. Click here to locate your nearest local stockistStockist Search  

    Do you offer a guarantee for the cushion replacements?

    We offer a standard 1year guarantee on all cushion replacements. 

    What is the difference between indoor and outdoor fabrics?

    Our outdoor fabrics are made using either 100% Olefin (Price Group 1) or 100% Acrylic Dralon (Price Group 2) and have been manufactured to conform with LOFA Assured and British Fire Safety Standards. All outdoor fabrics are both water and UV resistant making them ideal for outdoor use.  

    Our indoor ranges are manufactured using cotton, linen and polyester which are slightly softer than our outdoor fabrics. Some of our premium Grade D fabrics are manufactured with fabrics that have water resistant and stain resistant properties (which are shown in our fabric section) these are slightly stiffer than our other indoor fabrics in grades A – C.  

    Can I mix and match fabrics for my cushion replacements?

    Yes, although our advice would be to keep within the same type of fabric so for example mixing indoor fabrics with other indoor fabrics and keeping outdoor fabrics matched with other outdoor fabrics.  

    Can I supply my own fabric to be made into new cushions?

    Yes. We ask that you supply a certificate to prove that the material has been Fire Retarded. We would charge the same price as an A grade fabric for your cushions.  

    I’m not sure if the fabric I choose will match my interior décor, can I see a sample?

    We offer our customers a free swatch sample service. You can order 6 free swatches from your local stockist or from our website.

    Free Fabrics

    Will my cushions be fire retardant?

    All of our cushions are manufactured to LOFA Assured and British Fire Safety (BFS) standards.  

    How much will my cushion replacements cost?

    Please contact your local Daro Stockist who will provide you with an accurate quote.

    Are the fabrics different textures?

    Yes.  Our fabrics all have slightly different look and feel dependent on which range you choose.

    How do I care for my cushion replacements?

    Rotate them regularly. Ensure your room is fitted with appropriate curtains or blinds to protect them from over exposure to sunlight. We always advise to plump the cushions.   

    For stains and spills we recommend using our Daro Care Kit (sold separately) 

    Do I need to purchase a Daro Care Kit with my cushion replacements?

    Our Daro Care Kit contains specialist products for the care and maintenance of your cane and rattan furniture and therefore our recommendation would be to use these products in order to maintain the condition of your furniture.  

    Do you offer any other upholstery related services?

    Cushion Manufacturing  – Our own Soft Furnishings Division based in Derbyshire, UK offers the production facilities for all volumes of Cushion as well as Daro branded products. Daro can provide a full range of services to customers, some of which are listed below: 

        Can I return my cushions if there is a problem?

        Unfortunately, because this is a bespoke service, we would only accept returns for faulty products.

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