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The Natural Choice

The raw material for cane and rattan is an indigenous plant growing abundantly in the tropical jungle regions of South East Asia. The rapid growth of the plant at more than 2 centimetres per day ensures supplies are readily renewed and providing a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly.

Made Aware

In 2011 Daro was awarded Made-Aware Status for it’s Cane and Rattan Furniture. Made Aware is a scheme run by LOFA (The Leisure and Outdoor Furntiure Association) with the intention of working with members to reduce the impact of their product on the environment. Made-aware status means that Daro is continually working with suppliers and Stockists to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and is independently verified by a panel of experts outside of the LOFA organisation

Interested in becoming a Daro Stockist?

If you have a Showroom and would be interested in becoming a Daro Stockist, please visit our Stockist page to find out more information.

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