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Why Natural Materials like Cane and Rattan?

October 14, 2020

Cane and Rattan – The Ideal Furniture Choice

Cane is the name used for the wood like pole that has a solid but flexible inner core. Cane can grow at a rate of 2-3cm per day and is therefore a renewable raw material that is sustainable.

Rattan is a spiny climbing palm that grows readily and has a similar internal structure to cane. The flexible properties make it easy to manipulate into many shapes when steamed. The outer layer can be peeled off and used for weaving, where the core of the rattan is used for furniture meaning that wastage of the raw material is low.

The term ‘wicker’ is the art of weaving and therefore wicker can be considered for many different types of material. Most commonly, it refers to cane and rattan.

Daro uses the highest quality natural materials to produce our furniture ranges which are renowned for superior quality and durability. All of our frames are hand-made by our teams in Indonesia who  have an abundance of experience in processing and weaving rattan, and this is also one of the reasons why Daro have succeeded so well in developing rattan furniture that has both a beautiful design and top quality craftsmanship.

The combination of skilled craftsmanship of our frames, hand woven in Indonesia combined with the production of our own cushions manufactured in our own UK based soft furnishings factory means that every Daro furniture has been lovingly made and built to last.

As well as durability, rattan and cane are the ideal furniture choices for easy cleaning and low maintenance. The cleaning of rattan furniture is done simply with a wet cloth once the furniture is dusty. We recommend cleaning the furniture once a year, with white soap flakes, lukewarm water and a cloth.

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